EM BEauté


Classic & Hybrid Sets

Get dazzling eyes with eyelash extensions from Em Beauté. Enjoy longer, thicker and fuller lashes with our lightweight, synthetic eyelash extensions. Wearing our semi-permanent eyelash extensions makes looking great with your active lifestyle so easy! You can swim or exercise and never need to worry about mascara. Wake up with beautiful lashes that will look great before, during and after your workout! 

Treatment Price:
Classic Basic Full Set- 60 mins – 90
Classic Glamour Full Set- 90 mins- 120
Classic Wet Look- 90 mins- 145
Classic Baby Doll Look- 90 mins- 145
( A cross between the natural and open eye styles)
Classic Flare Lashes- 30 mins- 65
( Lashes on half eyes to the end. Create the wings for the cat eye look)

Bottom Lash Full Set- 45 mins- 70
Brow Extension Full Set- 60mins- 80

Classic 2 week refill- 60 minutes- 69
Classic 3 week refill- 75 minutes- 80

Hybrid Full Set- 90 minutes 140
Hybrid 2 week refill- 60 minutes- 80
Hybrid 3 week refill- 75 minutes- 95

Party Lash Single Use- 25 mins- 35
Brown, Glitter, Flat or Coloured Lashes are available for an add on 10
Lash Shampoo for makeup removal- 15 mins- 15
Eyelash Extension Removal- 20 mins- 30

Volume & Mega Sets

Our most popular set of lash extensions! Our artists will apply three to eight super lightweight extensions ( 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07) on each of your natural lashes, based on your lash health. We use only Hand-made fans or pro-made fans to allow us have more control of the lashing process from start to finish and ensure a custom fit to our client’s natural lashes.

These special extensions are soft, feather-light and two-to-three times smaller in diameter to the classic lash – giving you the full look of mascara and eyeliner without the fuss. The extensions are low-maintenance and can be treated like real hair using our after-care guide.

Light Volume 3D- Full Set 90 minutes- 160
3D – 4D 2 week refill 75
3D – 4D 3 week refill 95

Light Volume 4D – 5D Full Set 90 minutes 180
4D – 5D 2 week refill 95
4D – 5D 3 week refill 115

Medium Volume 6D – 8D Full Set 1 Hour 45 mins 220
6D – 8D 2 week refill 115
6D – 8D 3 week refill 135

Glamour Volume 10D – 14D Full Set 2 Hours 220
10D – 14D 2 week refill 115
10D – 14D 3 week refill 135

Mega Volume 18D – 20D Full Set 2 Hours 265
18D – 20D 2 week refill 115
18D – 20D 3 week refill 135

Eyelash Extension Removal 20 minutes 30

Ready to upgrade your look?

Our lash and brow stylists turn your eyelash dreams into a reality. During your first visit, your lash stylist will conduct a style consultation to customise the lash style that will best suit your desired look. We offer four unique lash styles – there is no look we can’t accomplish with our lashes! Our eyelash extensions vary in lengths and thickness to enhance your natural lashes and transform your look into something amazing. The best part about our lashes is that they are extremely lightweight. You’ll forget you even have them.



Want to save money while simplifying your beauty routine?

Once you experience the benefits of eyelash extensions, you’ll begin to wonder how you survived without them. Want to simplify your beauty routine and save on lash maintenance? Em Beauté makes becoming a member easy and convenient for you. Our members receive priority booking, studio rewards for every visit and savings on all Amazing Lash retail products and so much more.