Em Beauté

Journeys to Absolute Indulgence

Crafted from healing wisdom passed down through generations, Em Beauté focuses on restoring natural balance of the body and mind. We take pride in our heritage, the precious healing legacy of our ancestors which we proudly give to our guests.

Inspired by the practice of traditional Asian medicine and naturopathy, each Em treatment is thoughtfully designed to enhance your wellness. Only the finest botanical ingredients are used to create restorative harmony and health. Complemented by skillful techniques by our professionally-trained therapists, we give you the ultimate pampering and relaxation you well deserve.

 Liberate your mind…

Indulge your senses…

Your journey to a luxurious experience begins here.

Please arrive 10 minutes early and enjoy a cup of Organic tea before easing into your facial or spa treatments.

Em Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Send yourself into a blissful state with this beautiful full body aromatherapy massage which helps ease away tired, aching muscles and promote ultimate relaxation for the body, mind and soul.

Relaxation or Deeper Pressure

    • 60 mins – $110
    • 90 mins – $145

    Hot Stone Body Therapy

    By using different COLD coloured marbles and smooth, HOT stones, which are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well, negative energy is removed and inner balance is restored. A combination of massage strokes is applied to stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle tension.

    90 mins – $150

    Himalayan Ayurvedic Head Massage

    This treatment stimulates the master Chakra point at the crown of the heart to increase the body’s natural circulation and release tension from the head and neck areas. It also restores the balance and energy flow allowing the body and mind to completely relax thus enhancing sleep. The unique virgin coconut oil provides nourishment and hydration for a healthier scalp and well conditioned hair.

    • 30 mins  – $65
      45 mins – $80


    Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet with specific finger and hand techniques. It is based on a system of zones and 86 reflex points that reflect and image of the body. It improves nerve function, blood supply, and energy flow, and helps to achieve an inner balance of the body.


    • Reflexology – 30 mins – $85
    • Reflexology & Neck Shoulder Back Massage -60 mins – $115

    Back-Shoulder-Neck Massage

    30 mins – $65

    Head & Neck Shoulder Back Massage -60 mins – $110

    Em Body Pampering

    Regular skin exfoliation has many benefits. It removes dead skin cells, enhances the skin’s natural glow and helps prevent the appearance of cellulite. Apart from assisting the body in absorbing nutrients and active ingredients from skincare products, the appropriate body scrub can also help de-stress and promote relaxation.


    Body Polish and Butter

    Polish the body to perfection with this finely ground sun dried sea salt infused with macadamia and johoba oil and finish with an application and massage of our luxurious Organicspa Body Butter infused with coconut oil, cocoa seed and shea butter, leaving the skin soft, supple & moisture restored.

    75 mins – $125
    Add a mini Facial Ritual – $65
    or Hair Wash – $50

    Hydrating Body Mask & Wrap

    We start this gorgeous treatment with a full body exfoliation using Organicspa’s salt scrub. Followed by an application of coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, vitamin E & papaya infused body mask then cocooned in a warm wrap. Finishing with Organicspa’s Body Butter to leave the skin with the ultimate hydrating effect.

    120 mins – $200
    Add a mini Facial Ritual – $65
    or Hair Wash – $50

    Clay Renewal Cocoon

    Back Ance??? This concentrated blend of Bentonite, Kaolin and Zeolite Clays unite to purify, refine and detox the body. This creamy mask is enriched with Tea Tree Oil, known for its antibacterial and regenerative properties. The active ingredients will draw impurities, clarity and revitalise the body’s complexion.

    • 45 mins  – $90

    Em Hair Treatments

    Our new hair treatments will complete your relaxing day! All hair treatment finishing with a blow dry and suitable hair care products.


    Hair Wash + Mask

    Enjoy 20 minutes of scalp massage followed by double shampoo and follow up with Keratin hair mask and blow-dry. 

    60 mins – $100



    Hair Wash + A Mini Facial

    Not much time? 2 treatments in 1 go!!!!.

    60 mins – $120

    Just Hair Wash

    Scalp massage with  hair shampoo and conditioner.

    45 mins – $80

    Come On In

    Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at Em Beauté