While the pigments will darken significantly, don’t worry! This darker look will begin to fade in a week or so. It takes three to four weeks to see the final results. This is a common concern clients have. But before you know it, your brows will fade to your perfect shade!

During the first week, no moisture should touch your brows–not even a drop! We recommend that you avoid saunas, steam rooms and tanning beds. 

Do not touch your brows the first week–no matter how tempting. Do not wear makeup or moisturize.

The brow area will feel tender and possibly itchy as you go through the process. It is extremely important that you keep the area clean and using the Brow Balm ( it’s our complimentary after care product and has intensely nourishing ingredients). Tenderness should improve each passing day.

After the first week, scabs will begin to fall off, so brows will look patchy; this is completely normal! It takes approximately three days for all the scabs to fall.

Treat your skin right during this vulnerable time. Let the scabs fall naturally–no picking! So that your brows heal quickly and flawlessly!

Be careful when applying moisturizer or makeup; the area may still feel a little tender. 

When the scabs fall, they reveal freshly healed skin underneath. You may not be able to see the hair strokes or any pigment at this time; the skin needs more time to fully heal and the pigment will resurface

You should moisturize every day (several times!) to soften rough skin through the healing period. In the third and fourth weeks, the skin will heal internally, but moisturizing is still important. 

After the initial healing (4-6 weeks), it’s important to remember that microblading is a two-appointment procedure. Because each hair stroke may not heal the same, we always book client’s a touch up at the 4-6 week point. 

It is at this appointment that we finalise the brows of your dreams! If you decide at this point that you love your ever-so-slightly imperfect brows, it is your option to cancel!  Some customers feel this makes the work look more natural. 

You are free to enjoy your new brows! Choose the touch up at your discretion (from 3 to 15 months later) depending on how quickly you feel your brows fade, and how deep you would like to keep the color.

Our friendly and informative front desk staff will help you book an appointment by phone, online or in person. 

We look forward to giving you beautiful brows.